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Hair Extensions | Extension 15.7 in & 21.7 in

Hair Extensions | Extension 15.7 in & 21.7 in

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Beautiful hair extensions in seconds without spending Hundreds!

Are you seeking fuller-looking hair? Or perhaps you desire added length? Regardless of your preference, our extensions have got you covered!

Easy to apply

Our extensions feature a clear band that effortlessly fits over your head. Apply them in seconds, eliminating the need for clips or the frustration of dealing with tangled hair.

High-quality & eco-friendly material

Our extensions are crafted from environmentally friendly, premium materials. They resemble natural hair, enhancing your beauty even further.


You can reuse the extensions multiple times. Just conceal them beneath your natural hair and enjoy wearing them repeatedly.


Curl your extensions

You can even curl your extensions. Be mindful of the temperature, which should be between 160-185°F. Below 160°F, the extensions won't change, and above 185°F, they may melt.


Straighten your extensions

You can also straighten your extensions. Remember to maintain the temperature between 160-185°F. Extensions won't alter below 160°F, and they risk melting above 185°F.

Color your extensions

You can also color your extensions, though we offer a wide range of choices to suit everyone's preference.

If you decide to dye your extensions, simply look up instructions on how to color synthetic hair using Google. Be aware that we cannot accept returns for extensions that have been dyed, curled, or straightened.

Real women, real results

A lot of women struggle with hair loss and split ends, making the dream of luscious, long hair seem unattainable. However, with our hair extensions, you can finally make that dream a reality!

Buy your extensions now and soon have your dream hair!

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"By far the best extensions out there!"

- Brianna W. -