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CALM DOWN - Pro electrical Hair Brush

CALM DOWN - Pro electrical Hair Brush

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Get rid of frizz, flyaways, and static in just one click

You spend hours preparing, blow-drying, and styling your hair just to make it look perfectly smooth, and as soon as you step outside, all the effort disappears, leaving you with a lion's mane.

Sound familiar? Our Halix Hairbrush is the perfect solution to your problem.

All Benefits at a Glance

✔️ Visibly shiny hair with just one click

✔️ Eliminates frizzy hair instantly

✔️ Smooths split ends by sealing the broken hair

✔️ Better moisturized hair by locking in moisture

✔️ Minimizes heat damage by accelerating drying time

✔️ Reduces oily hair and makes it shine

Protects your hair from flying away and from unnecessary moisture

What is Ion Technology and How Does It Work?

The main cause of messy hair is the imbalance between positive and negative ions in the hair, caused by moisture, low temperatures, dry air, gusty winds, towel drying, or dry indoor heating.

Our Halix Hairbrush emits negative ions to your hair, giving it back the shine and smoothness it deserves.

No hot brush and still delivers instant results

The package includes 1x CALM DOWN - Pro Hairbrush

(CAUTION: Batteries not included)

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"By far the best extensions out there!"

- Brianna W. -